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English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel puppies
English Springer Spaniel puppies
English Springer Spaniel puppies

 Oakley and Waylon's puppies have arrived. 
Still taking deposits!


We take 3 female and 3 male deposits. Oakley is from Joey's bloodline and Waylon is from Trudy's bloodline so we are super excited about these puppies. 

4 Females and 4 Males
born August 1st!


Fonda (Jane)



Fields (Sally)



Redford (Robert)

IMG_4914 (1).jpeg


Cruise (Tom)




Minnelli (Liza)



Winslet (Kate)

E07FB18B-AC84-465E-96ED-430503356160 (1).jpg



Newman (Paul)


Selleck (Tom)



Oakley and Waylon's Last Litter


Our Dogs

The Haven's Rarest Ruby (Retired)

english springer spaniel
English springer spaniel

Ruby, takes springing seriously! She joined our family in May 2011, from southern Minnesota, "Springers Forever." She believes birds were created just for her pleasure and always has her nose on a scent. However, she is equally passionate about cuddling. She has the sweetest loving, gentle and loyal personality 

Trudy: The Haven's Garnet (Retired)

english springe spaniel
english springer spaniel

Trudy, Britta's long awaited dream dog, joined our family in May, 2011. She comes to us from Northern Minnesota "Whispering Pines". She has hunting in her line but is also just a "beauty"! Her tri-color Liver and White face melts your heart! She adores absolutely everyone and assumes that they all feel the same. 

The Haven’s Sure Shot Annie: Oakley


Oakley is a petite, sweet and attentive girl. She is energetic and obedient in the field, however, quickly seeks a lap in the family room. She runs circles barking in anticipation of our morning runs (“hunts” to her). Then suddenly birds are flying out of the roadside ditches. Her bloodlines include our original lineage tracing back to Mandy our foundation dog through handsome Joey Bastion as her father.

Joey: Bastion of the Haven (Crossed the Rainbow Bridge)

english spriner spaniel
english springer spaniel

Waylon: Bastion the Good Ol' Boy

Joey's name says it all. He is the "King Pin" of The Haven. During his morning runs, frequently pheasants fly. He is a tennis ball fanatic, a devoted companion and friendly soul.


He is retired as a stud dog; but produced beautiful offspring that exhibit his same devout loyalty.



Waylon is endlessly chasing tennis balls, flashlight beams, and sticks galore. He has joined the family from Whispering Pines, MN, and boasts the same handsome bloodlines of our retired Trudy. He is loyal as can be while also gentle and loving with young children. He has stunning black-tri features and will pass on both his charming looks and truehearted personality to his many puppies to come. 



Our Springer Story.

As a family, we have been raising lovely English Springer Spaniel puppies since 1982. Our first dog Mandy, our matriarch, "mothered" our love for English Springers and our love for dogs. Our family is devoted to the careful breeding and continued placement of this terrific breed into families whose passion for Springers matches ours. Our puppies have proven to be outstanding in the field and a delight in the family.

We are committed to promoting excellent health through completing OFA, and Eye certification on all our dogs. Also, our dogs are AKC {American Kennel Club} registered. Being meticulous in these areas allows us to produce puppies that will fill your lives with many delightful years of companionship. Which is our ultimate goal. 

Mandy, the Haven's venerable matriarch of our bloodline.
english springer spaniel puppies
english springer spaniel puppies

Our puppy policy.

Our puppies have been examined by a Licensed Veterinarian for congenital defects and are guaranteed to be in good health.  It is recommended that you have the puppy checked by your veterinarian within 5 days after its arrival to its new home.  If your veterinarian finds the puppy is not as described above, have him/her write a letter on company letterhead explaining the problem encountered.  The puppy can then be returned along with the registration for a full refund of the purchase price only.  This guarantee is null and void after the puppy has been with its new owner for more than 5 days. 

All our puppies are sold on a limited AKC registration which requires spaying or neutering. Full registration is available in some circumstances and additional charges will apply.

This puppy has been bred from sound stock.  Both the sire and the dam had their hips radiographed and certified by the OFA.  As the new owner of this puppy, it is your responsibility to help prevent hip dysplasia.  It has been proven that hip dysplasia is part hereditary & environmental.  Proper exercise, diet & living conditions are extremely important for your puppy to grow into a healthy, happy dog.  A good quality, brand name puppy food is recommended.  Supplements are unnecessary when a premium food is fed & should be avoided.  I recommend changing the puppy to adult food at 12 weeks of age.  The rapid growth phase a puppy goes through begins at this age and too much protein, vitamins & minerals found in puppy foods can cause growth problems such as panosteitis.  


Dogs suffering from hip dysplasia will be replaced with another puppy of equal value.  There must be documentation from the OFA explaining the puppy's disorder.

The OFA evaluations must be performed before the dog is over 28 months of age.
The dog must be with the original owner
The dog must not be spayed or neutered before 9 months of age.
The puppy must be switched to adult food by 15 weeks of age.
The affected dog must:
A) Not have been used for breeding
B) Be spayed or neutered 
The registration must be returned.

This hip guarantee calls for a replacement puppy only.


Cash refunds are only given if the puppy failed the original veterinary exam, the puppy must be returned at the owners expense within 5 days of purchase.

If at any time I decide I do not want or can no longer care for my dog, I agree to return it to the breeder/seller.  I am aware that if I return the dog to the breeder/seller after the initial 5 days, I will not receive a refund of any kind.  This includes but is not limited to the purchase price of the puppy, vet expenses & training fees. We do take deposits on upcoming litters if you would like to reserve a puppy. 

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